Ceramic Sculptor
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Eileen Nisbet: Ceramic Sculptor 1929 - 1990. Biography.


Born and worked in London.

Trained at Hornsey School of Art. London. 1950 -1953.

and Central School of Art and Design. London. 1960 - 1963.



1964 Craftsmanship Today. Celon Tea Centre. London.

1966 Clay and Walls - Whitechapel Design Centre. London.

1972 International Ceramics - V&A. London.

1973 British Craftsmanship - V&A. London.

1974 International Ceramics Faenza. Italy.

1975 Porcelain Exhibition - Casson Gallery. London.

1977 Solo Exhibition Planes and Light - Casson Gallery. London.

1977 Anthony Shaw. London.

1978 Mixed Exhibition Graham Gallery. New York. USA.

1978 Midland Group Exhibition. Nottingham. England.

1979 British Crafts Centre. London.

1980-81 'British Ceramics Today' Octagon Centre. USA.

1981 English Ceramics. Veste Coburg GermaPJ.

1981 Maya Behn Gallery. Zurich. Switzerland.

1981 British Caramics Knokke - Heist Belgium.

1982 Scottish Gallery. Edinburgh.

1982 Rufford Crafts Centre. Rufford. England.

1982 Casson Gallery. London.

1982 New Jersey Festival of Music & Arts USA.

1982 Westminster Gallery. Boston. USA.

1983 'Britain salutes New York' Westminster Gallery. Boston. USA.

1983 'Celebrating the Cutout'. Anatol Orient. Leeds, Birmingham, London.

1983 'Decorated Porcelain' Craftsmen Potters Association. London

1983 Studio Ceramics Today CPA. V&A. London.

1984 'Eight Ceramicists' British Crafts Centre. London.

1984-85 'Artist Potters Now' Southampton, Bristol, Leicester, Norwich, London.

1985 British Ceramics. Craft Alliance of St Louis. USA.

1986 Austrian Galleries Festival. Austria.

1986 Olympia Arts Festival. Crafts Council / Beaux Arts Gallery. London.

1987 Museum fur Kunst und Gewebe. Hamburg. Germany.

1987 Gallery L. Hamberg. Germany.

1987 Contemporary Applied Arts. London.

1988 Gallery L. Hamberg. Germany.

1988 Contemporary Applied Arts. London.

1988 V&A Museum. London

1989 Fifth Biennial. Contemporary Ceramics. Ville de Chateauroux. France.

1989 Copley Art Society. Boston USA.

1989 'The Harrow Connection' Touring Exhibition in Great Britain and Australia.

1990 Rufford Crafts Centre. Rufford. England.

1991 Galerie Besson 'Selection from a Private Collection' London.

2010 Offer Waterman Gallery. 'Works in Clay' Group exhibition, London.

2010 Galerie Besson. Summer Exhibition, London.


Work bought by Public Collections

Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

Glasgow Museum Scotland.

Crafts Council Gallery London.

West Midlands Arts.

Birmingham Museum.

Art Gallery of Western Australia Perth.

Paisley Museum Scotland.

Royal Scottish Museum Edinburgh.

Ulster Museum N.Ireland.

Westminster Gallery, Boston, USA.


Teaching posts

Part time Senior Lecturer at Central school of Art and Design London, 1965-91.

External Examiner to Bath Academy 1980-84.

Has also lectured at:

Harrow School of Art.

Wolverhampton School of Art.

Bath Academy of Art.

Cardiff College of Art.



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