Ceramic Sculptor
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Wendy Farah-Bissell - Former Student

From an email Sept 2016

As one of Eileen's students at Central Saint Martins London, can you recall anything of her teaching methods?

WFB: ...For my part, the first thing I remember is her kindness although she was nobody's fool. Ultimately, she coaxed and then coached the creative out of her students, past the personal insecurities, breaking down creative blocks her student might think they suffered, with a lightness and fragility that was also echoed in her beautiful sculptures. She was the first to help me understand how clay as a medium could break free from the utilitarian and lend itself to something sublime. I met Eileen for the first time in my second year and she was a breath of fresh air. I was somewhat uncomfortable in my surroundings and had lost my way especially in understanding why I was actually doing throwing pots with John Chipperfield on a Monday morning which I dreaded. Chip was a wonderful tutor and a gentleman but I had no talent for that that he carried out so effortlessly. Eileen was a delight, truly insightful and a comfort as she shared stories of her own insecurities, her triumphs and most touchingly her love of her family, especially her son. I remember hearing of her loss and being truly saddened that she left far too soon. Myself and my fellow students definitely benefited from her legacy.

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